Wednesday, 7 August 2013

LOAf LAND in Bristol is B for Bunny.

Well, in Cambridge the children who were asked to design a place for LOAfman to live, thought LOAfLAND island should be shaped like the next door Cat, but in Bristol, at the Cafe Kino comic making Summer School workshops, they decided that apart from Breadcrumb Island (where you can find a terrifying giant turnstile made out of icecream sticks which the breadcrumb people understandably stay well away from: it has an unknowable password and smacks you hard in the face), LOAfland is shaped like a Bunny rabbit to match the B for Bristol.



The wonderful kids who came to the workshop came up with some amazing ideas for LOAfLAND: Rainbow Colour Land, Beachland, Breadcrumb Island, the Googly Eye Volcanoes, the Strange See-sawing Cliff and the Magic Tallest Tree, Secret Portals to get you hopping here and there across the island, the Matchbox Boat and the Gentle Seamonster, not to mention the Giant Baby who walks the island with huge dignity.

The kids and parents also ogled the new issue of LOAf...

...and made astounding epic sagas about birds hiding eggs and inventing machines and things going awry in the harmonious lives of LOAfman and pals.

Here's the kind of thing you can look forward to at our next Bristol workshop at Foyles Bookshop on Tuesday 27th August!

Hopefully see you there! Don't be a sandwich!

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