Tuesday, 11 December 2012

not supercat and co.

More comics, just as you were hungry for em.  And a trailer for Not Supercat! From the Cambridge launch this lot.

This one here is courtesy of Elys Dolan and Matty Long.   It's bread-thirsty 
though. Don't say we didn't warn you.

plenty of legs to stand on:

Sunday, 9 December 2012

up sticks for the CAMBRIDGE launch!

Having so utterly bowled Bristol over, Loafie did not rest his tired legs in the west country long, oh no. Back on bus and train with boots blazing to Cambridge for another party.  Insatiable chap.


More comics got completed,

Ben Parker under scrutiny

and more drawings drewed,

Baba rabbit (unborn see?)
some up big wall-wise

tales of derring-do

and a good lot of colouring by Joe, our most tireless man with a pencil


beasts galore. And magic boots. And the best trousers ever. And a t-shirt worth its salt.  
All-round sartorial triumph.

the lone avalanchee.  But not nearly as miserable as Chris Draper would have us believe.

show and tell with Daisy Hirst.

Stuart Adams sent out for a tongue-scrubbing

We all drank a lot of yellow.  Anna helped us to it.  Thanks Anna, for much enthusiasm and many extra hands!  Plus all the District folk - it would not have been the jolly good show it was without you.  

visit the pop-up shop now on at the Frontroom Gallery, Gwydir Street.  Brilliant handmade goodness on sale now.  Plus LOAf!  They could not make him leave.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Finishing LOAfman's comics...

Thanks to big kids (or maybe little adults) Pete Shadbolt, Livvy Glatt and Sam Jones for their narrative oeuvres about the ups and downs of Being Bread.

First up, Pete Shadbolt's tale of LOAf's existential angst, "When LOAfman Felt Strange" (I have written the bits the scanner cut out- sorry Pete)

                                 (He went to America)
                                            (and just when he ...)

 The original oeuvre

The man at work

Next, a collaboration from unstoppable duo Livvy and Sam,
 "LOAfman and His Friend Giant Redwood Boy" a beautiful tale of a special friendship as strong as a tree.

Aah the end panel is my favourite, when Mama Redwood returns to the madness and deluge to restore law, order and perspective.

Last but not least, another of Sam & Livvy's collaborations, (I told you they were unstoppable)
"LOAfman goes Fishing"

Phew, that little guy is unstoppable too, isn't he? What a life he leads!

Unfortunately I don't know who drew this beast but he's pretty cool too.

The story of His LOAfness' Bristol inauguration

On a blustery evening on the 17th November, Bristol folk young and old, be-hatted and un-behatted assembled in Cafe Kino to welcome LOAf to town.

They drew some new friends...

and made masks.


Paula played the piano...

 and there was hurly burly and merriment.

Everyone pawed the LOAf and sighed loudly with amazement.

HA! We knew you would!

  LOAf had babies and we ate them and then we looked weird...

We gave the LOAf babies to the staff of Cafe Kino to express our huge thanks. It is no understatement to say that the staff at Kino are lovely and excellent. What diamonds! THANKS AGAIN FOR HAVING US!


Oh. LOAf got in a grump then and left in his new caravan.

       We didn't realise he could be such a diva. It must have been all the cinnamon. 

OUR GREAT BIG THANKS to all who came and helped to make it such a lovely evening including our contributors and bookshop stockers, Livvy for the use of her camera and photography skills, Jason from the Bloom and Curll Bookshop for encouraging us to make a speech and for bringing his many young friends and relations (sadly he left before Livvy and her camera arrived), Claire for helping with the activitites and MOST of all to JENNY HUNTING for LOAfing around with me and Becky all weekend.