Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Finishing LOAfman's comics...

Thanks to big kids (or maybe little adults) Pete Shadbolt, Livvy Glatt and Sam Jones for their narrative oeuvres about the ups and downs of Being Bread.

First up, Pete Shadbolt's tale of LOAf's existential angst, "When LOAfman Felt Strange" (I have written the bits the scanner cut out- sorry Pete)

                                 (He went to America)
                                            (and just when he ...)

 The original oeuvre

The man at work

Next, a collaboration from unstoppable duo Livvy and Sam,
 "LOAfman and His Friend Giant Redwood Boy" a beautiful tale of a special friendship as strong as a tree.

Aah the end panel is my favourite, when Mama Redwood returns to the madness and deluge to restore law, order and perspective.

Last but not least, another of Sam & Livvy's collaborations, (I told you they were unstoppable)
"LOAfman goes Fishing"

Phew, that little guy is unstoppable too, isn't he? What a life he leads!

Unfortunately I don't know who drew this beast but he's pretty cool too.

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