Monday, 3 December 2012

LOAfman's friends at Westbury Park Primary

A few weeks ago I held a workshop with some awesome Year 5 pupils from Westbury Park Primary school in Bristol. The children were asked to create some buddies for the notorious Loafman. We started off by reading Rose Robbins' story about Loafman's discovery of comics, (which you can find one the second page of LOAf).

The children thought that like most of us, LOAfman is both brave and cowardly at the same time and therefore needs a whole array of weird and wonderful, brave and slow, scared and wimpish friends. The kids also thought that maybe he should have a girlfriend, (think it must have been all those love hearts in the final panel).

Here is the Loafman's truly excellent bunch of new pals on paper.

Thanks to the Year 5 kids for inventing such amazing dudes and for coming up with some adventures for them. Here are some snippets from the comics they made in groups. We hope to use some of these ideas and characters in LOAf 2!

Loafman, Seedo and a crazed Bird

Boxing Burger and Chocolate Clair

Loafman and Doughball Dave, also starring Boxing Burger and miss Dhonie...

Loafman, Tigress (as in tiger bread), Fred and Bob

Loafman and Jammy Joe, the Bird Air Force etc!


  1. This is amazing!!

    I wish I had as much imagination as these kids!

    I <3 Seedo.

  2. many people seem to love Seedo the best- it's a close call between him and Cwacio. I've quite a soft spot for Nerdy Bagel and Miss Dhonie.

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