Monday, 22 July 2013

maps of LOAfland

We spent Saturday afternoon making an extensive map of Loafland, with landmarks such as Tape City (a very sticky sort of a place), the Zombie castle, Wild Horse Island, a railway for the exclusive use of the travelling forest, as well as any number of here-be-monsters, unicorns, alligators, cauliflowers, and so on..

Odd how

much it looked like

next door's cat..

Monday, 15 July 2013

Coming up at Foyles Bristol on August 27th!!

(by the way, this is what the front cover of issue 2 looks like- getit in the shops next week if not before. GASP!)

The Loaf launched in Cambridge already and will soon be leaping its wheaty legs over to Bristol for a rebound in none other than the fabulous Foyles bookshop! 27th August- don't be away on holiday!

Be there buster or be a calzone!

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Better late than never..

A long time ago in the far off distance, we went to a few comics fairs.. and played some loafish games. At the time we solemnly promised they would be on the blog the very instant we got home but.. the way back was all over quagmires, ancient curses, ravines, wolves, cornershops, you name it.  But here we finally are, and here they finally be.. phew.

comics jams from Comika... the first one made it all the way round the hall I think!

This one got made at our stall:

and this one too:

Then there were some comics jams at the Oxford Childrens Comics Festival:

another monstrous number:

oh, and... hmm more monsters..

We also played some matchbox pictionary - the idea with this game is that someone writes a little something, and the next person draws a picture to illustrate it.  Then they put that picture into the matchbox, covering the writing.  The next person looks at the picture and writes what it might be illustrating, then adds that to the box.. and so on.

this next one follows on suspiciously well..

and one more

There's some mutterings of an exhibition of these games, one day one day.  Send us yours!! By e-mail loaf.magazine[at] or write to Loaf Magazine at 18 Dongola Road, London, N17 6EE.

Hot Loaf Launch the second

MUCH MANY THANKS to the folks at Eggs Milk Butter for lending us their smashing cafe on the hottest saturday yet - and to all you who came along, we lift our hats also.  It was truly baking.


With that, LOAf 2 was up and at 'em!  He'll be scampering into the usual shops, and others besides, in the coming weeks, or order yours online. Hep hep!