Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Comika games part 2: hospital dinners

(This is a cheat.  We made it! )

Try it yourselves - the first person writes the speech bubbles.  The second person draws the pictures for those and writes the speech bubbles in the next panel.  Then the first person (or third person, depending how many friends you have) draws the pictures for THOSE, and then writes the speech bubbles for the NEXT panel... and so on..

simple right?


So a few weeks ago we were at the Comika spring Comiket, a grand affair, many fine folks met and gret there.  Some of them even liked to get involved with various GAMES that were on offer as well as LOAf Issue 1 (which as you all know can also be got online or at various shops around the place, if you missed the fair).  

This one here was a competition with a Mystery Prize. The drawings are by Ylva, who wrote the original story.  We invited people to come up with alternative words. Being a little on the slow side we haven't yet chosen a winner.  Opinions very welcome!

Watch this space for more of what we got up to there and at the Oxford Comics Festival on the 4th of May.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Friends galore!

Some time ago (it's practically ancient history) the Loaf wondered into Heffers, a lonely soul looking for someone to keep him company.

  Loaf cannot live by bread and books alone.  So the eager fellow sprinted forth.

As luck would have it, a brilliant lot of you came to help us make him quite nearly a million friends!  There were so many in fact that some of you started to wonder if perhaps a loaf can have TOO many of them...

Surely not!