Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Foyles Bookshop Workshop

Hello Loafers. Yesterday in the shiny events' space of Foyles Bristol, little LOAf fans got out their felt tips, junk modelling things, glitter, stickers and all manner of shiny paper and tried to imagine what LOAfMAN and friends will look like in the FUTURE!

                                                         Bagel Bob at the Yucky Disco

                                                              LOAfMAN at the shops.

Strawberry Croissant (Cwacio)

Here's how it all happened!


                                                   The kids also redesigned the LOAf letters.

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  1. Hey LOAf! I only found your magazine today and I already want to buy it! It looks wonderfully quirky and inclusive. Good job.
    P.S. I'm an amateur illustrator living in Bristol, is there any way I can get involved?