Monday, 28 January 2013

LOAf in the Land of the Brave

Last week me and Becky took our wee LOAf MAN across the borders to SCOTLAND and showed him off to some of the several extremely beautiful bookshops in Edinburgh.

LOAf MAN was really excited about going to a country he had never visited before and because he is such a cultured and naive little fella he did his research by watching Braveheart.

As impressionable as he is cultured, he ended up, as is usual with him, going a bit too far by buying some tartan and a wig along the Royal Mile and acting just like (in his mind), a real Scots hero.

The bread kids in a nearby bakery had some mixed reactions....

Oh I forgot to mention that Chocolate Claire came with us to Edinburgh. The drama of wild rolling hills and whirling mists made her and LOAfie get all romantic, much to the dismay of Dundee Doug, who they met on their stroll.

I should finish up by telling you where you will very soon be able to find copies of LOAf in Edinburgh... CLICK ON THE NAMES TO GET TO THE SHOP WEBSITES!

Analogue Books, Candelmaker Row
Blackwell, South Bridge
Deadhead Comics, Candlemaker Row
Golden Hare, Grassmarket
Transreal Fiction, Candlemaker Row

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