Tuesday, 29 January 2013

How do YOU like to read LOAf?

Catherine Cronin reserves her quality LOAf-cosy-time for Saturday mornings with the best blanket in the world.

Zack Rock can only read his LOAf on a roof-top somewhere in the U S of A. This makes life difficult but at least he has LOAf to keep him entertained up there. Oh hang on, we're going round in circles.

     Samara reads hers in Foyles and as LOAf loves Foyles and Samara too, it means everyone's happy.

Now that we've got LOAf in 3 capital cities (London, Edinburgh and Paris) as well as in Oxford, Cambridge and Bristol, we are dying to see some 
  pictures of who is reading it and where and how!

Tweet, email or facebook a picture of yourself (or your cousin or your dog, your cat or someone, anyone really), reading their copy of LOAf against an intriguing backdrop (remember, most things are intriguing to the LOAf team, especially to LOAf Man) or in an unlikely situation (for instance up a tree, in the snow, in a broom cupboard) and 
you may win a treat 
(or a free LOAf if you are SUPER LUCKY!)

Tweet us a photo here  Twitter


 email one to

it's easy to look us up on facebook and upload one to our page!

                          Miss Becky Palmer's pet giraffe likes to read his by the light of the snow-window.

Trudi Esberger, who designed the cover for issue 1, also had her photo taken with LOAf in front of a London tube station. Click here to see http://richfoto.tumblr.com/post/42217655513/loaf-fears-loafmagazine-trudiesberger

                                                  LOAf enjoyed amongst friends. Spooky.

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