Monday, 1 April 2013

Ah good, the sea

So a little while ago (around the 6th of March), Loafy took the sleeper train to Falmouth for the Illustration Forum, this year all about COMICS.  Isabel Greenberg, Tom Gauld, Barnaby Richards and Catherine Anyango all told a piece about their current goings on and past projects.  The Loaf made some new friends - world-class crossworders Nathan and Hayley who also find time to run No Guts No Glory down in Exeter.  He may be found there now most days of the week, and in the evenings back at Beerwolf Books in Falmouth, who supply drinks, books and nooks of all sizes for readers great and small.  

The thing about Falmouth is.. they've got dandy beaches, rocks, castles, pasties, all that stuff - but you better look out for the seagulls.  Especially the breadlegged amongst you.  Watch your step.

The bins by the sea have lids on to keep these bloodthirsties out.  Just keep your back-end on the slender side...

You'll be relieved to hear that this ended well -
could've been crusts for the Loafman, but Second 
Battalion the Royal Chip Brigade never admit defeat.
Despite an occasional battering.


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  1. Tis like my not-quite-sister always says: If in doubt, chips.