Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Do your bit for LOAf Magazine ! A winsome loaf he is.

Morning all!

Yesterday we put our crowd-funding call-out film online via Peoplefundit. If we manage to raise £2000 we will be able to print the magazine in full colour, promote it, distribute it and run the children's workshops that we mean to be such an integral part of the project.

We invite you to watch the film, read about LOAf, spread the word and if you are feeling even a tiny bit as generous and passionate about the project as we are then please think about pledging a donation.

If you decide you would like to make a pledge, the money will leave your account on the 24th September and we will send you your reward as soon after that as possible!

Click on the link to get to our project page, where you can read more and make a funding pledge if you so wish!

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